​Stacey Cohan


Ask Stacey Cohan about her most memorable interview, and the answer comes quickly.  The Dalai Lama visited Washington, D.C. and he carved out a moment to meet with a group of homeless women.  The exiled Nobel Peace Prize winner used three simple words to connect with his audience:  “I’m homeless too.”    The short message worked, and Stacey never forgot it.


Stacey Cohan is an award-winning journalist and communications consultant with two decades of experience reporting for national and local television markets.  Her work has appeared on networks including: CNN, CBS, FOX and NBC and hundreds of news outlets around the world.   Stacey excels in delivering critical information during tense times.  Her work during the terrorist attacks of 9-11,  the DC Sniper case and the arrest of the Boston Bombing suspect taught her how to distill vast amounts of information into impactful and memorable stories.   She now uses her experience to teach others how to do the same.

Stacey spent years reporting in the Washington, D.C. area where she grew up.  She was tapped to lead an investigative unit, earning her multiple Emmy nominations.   Identified in Washingtonian Magazine as a local TV news reporter to watch,  Stacey’s versatile reporting included the hard hitting crime beat and efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay.


Stacey is a graduate of Syracuse University, where she seized the opportunity to study and live abroad.  Her experience overseas helped her develop skills with multiple languages which she puts to use when she leads media training sessions in other countries.

Closer to home, Stacey loves rescuing dogs and running.   She completed a lifelong dream of running the Marine Corps Marathon, where she really learned how the proper training can help you reach your goals.


Emily Schmidt

What do you learn when you’re doing pushups with your pinky finger in zero gravity?  Emily Schmidt learned that sometimes things which seem impossible to describe still have to be put into words, and that’s when storytelling becomes fun.


Emily has told stories while floating in air, walking through floodwaters, and covering some of the biggest news stories across the country.  Emily is a 12-time Edward R. Murrow-award winning journalist and communications consultant whose work has appeared on networks including: CNN, ABC, NBC, Bloomberg and hundreds of news outlets around the world.  It’s fueled her ability as a coach to help clients effectively develop and deliver their company's stories.  In addition, she’s developed crisis communications strategies for international and corporate clients.   


Emily’s adventures took her from a one-night sports anchor job she won when she was just fifteen years old, to Wisconsin, Iowa, Maryland, and a decade spent covering politics in  Washington, DC. She’s won multiple Emmys and dozens of other journalism awards, including one​s for best reporter and best writer, and she’s a proud University of Missouri alum. 


Emily loves Washington baseball, Florida beaches, and the Iowa farm where she grew up-- in a state that prides itself on the caucuses which launch some presidential hopefuls’ campaigns and sink others. It’s where she learned that messages matter, and it’s a lesson that shapes every story she tells.