We have traveled around the world training officials and emergency responders how to develop and deliver customized crisis communications plans.  Speaki2i will help you:

  • Map out a strategy for communicating during a crisis
  • Learn from real-world examples what works and what doesn’t during a crisis
  • Gain confidence in your message delivery with mock interviews and continued coaching support
  • Develop your media message and identify potential audiences
  • Deliver your message across multiple media platforms 
  • Stay media-ready with continued coaching support
  •  Define and develop your message to reflect your business objectives
  • Understand how company storytelling drives business in today’s complex media environment
  • Identify new opportunities to share your company’s story with a wider audience
 Text messages. Sound bites. Corporate talking points.
 Speaki2i cleans up the word clutter so the world hears your words as you intend.

A crisis can pop up anywhere.  The word itself comes from the Greek word “krisis,” or decision.  Decisions matter, and the best decision is to think about what to do in a crisis before it happens—whether it’s an external challenge, or one from within your organization.

sPEAK IN crisis:


Think about how long it takes you to read this sentence.


That’s about how much time you may have to get your message out through the media.  Done right, your business and reputation can flourish.  Done wrong, your future opportunities may vanish as your misstep lives on.  Our team of communication experts will get you ready to go on camera and online. Speaki2i will help you:  


The last time somebody asked, “What do you for a living?” did you have an answer?  Was it memorable? 

Telling your company story the right way goes beyond brands and buzzwords to focus on a believable message that connects with your audience.  A good story not only tells people what you do, but also who you are and why people should work with you. 


We’ve spent decades telling some of the most difficult and inspiring stories to audiences all over
the world, and we can teach you how to tell yours.  Speaki2i will help you:


Speak your company story:

 We live in a word bubble world.